The first VR/LIVE Painting in the physical and metaverse world
Acrylic on canvas and Oculus Quest 2. Created in 01/10/2021

Video project presentation

My name is Biagio Teseo and I am a multifaceted technologist and artist since the early 80s, I was also a pioneer of 3D.

The project is simple, I created a painting at the same time both in the physical and in the VR world (no AR). A difficult experiment because I had to match the canvas in the two worlds and create something abstract with a certain correspondence.

I now want to create an online event that features the project and then auction the license with the NFTs along with the physical work.

I recorded my performance in VR and live with different cameras, and I edited a small video of a few minutes. I want to use that video to show the world the unique event.

This video is a spoken presentation in Italian language.

Painting in VR and in the physical world at same time performance.

This is the video of the performance

If you are interested in my performance or my painting contact me.